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                                                                            BACKGROUND INFORMATION:


Kombo Sillah Association has been founded by Gambians and friends of The Gambia resident in the United Kingdom (UK) with a view to promoting education, and relieving poverty. In the UK, this involves cultural education targeted at the objective of advancing and cementing social cohesion and community integration.


The Kombo Sillah Association believes in the universal brotherhood of the people of the world and has since been working with some other organisations of similar interest. We have been working with the UK One World Linking Association(UKOWLA) that is recognized as the umbrella organisation of minority associations in the UK.


Among the central themes of UKOWLA is to raise global awareness on important issues with its members, as well as help convince donors in support of national and Non-governmental Organisations in the third worlds.  


Within the context of today’s political climate, linking has been very vital in raising awareness among peoples of the world about each others cultures and values.This we strongly believe would help guarantee global peace, security, development and justice for all.


Kombo Sillah Association’s strong belief in linking as the best venue in guaranteeing global peace and brotherhood has been reinforced by the fact of our local community’s partnership (Gunjur) with the Marlborough Brandt Group here in the UK.


This partnership has survived for over 28 years and has succeeded in creating not only cultural awareness but most importantly, greater ties at the family level. Alongside UKOWLA, Kombo Sillah Association has been working with other institutions and minority groups like the Bristol City Council, the Gambia United Society, Black Development Agency (BDA), African Voices Forum (AVF), and The Newcastle Drummed Up Group among others.