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KSA Projects



> Summer School Project

> Mantainence of the Health Centre Ambulance at Gunjur

> Provision of a Diabetic Testing Machine at Gunjur Health Centre

> Provision of Drugs to the Gunjur health Centre among others


The Kombo Sillah Association raises funds through member contributions, fund raising ventures, and group or individual donations to initiate and fund our activities and projects. Such fund raising activities include drumming and cultural dances, concerts with Gambian and Senegalese musicians in Bristol etc.  


For the last three years, the association has initiated a number of projects, among them a Summer School Project at the Gunjur Upper Basic, where children from poorer backgrounds were offered free study classes during holidays in preparation for their school leaving certificate examination.


Given the disparity of standard of education in various part of the Gambia, poorer families in the country side cannot afford private classes for their children during holidays which the urban children from affluent homes often enjoy.  As a result average poor family children could only make it out to secondary schools which can hardly prepare them for any meaningful life, or earn them a decent job after graduation.


To help address this imbalance, the association has decided to initiate and support this project to create a platform for these children from poorer background to stand the chance as those from the urban centres in their educational pursuits.


Until recently the association has diversified its sponsorship to the area of health and has helped rehabilitated The Kombo South District Health Centre’s only ambulance which use to transport sick, from satellite villages to the Health Centre.  It was with the help of the association that Diabetics testers became available at the Health Centre. The association has also facilitated the provision of valuable drugs such as pain killers and other useful medicines to the Health Centre.


Donations either by cash or kind will be highly appreciated. Please click here to see how you can donate us.