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Reports & Speeches to the KSA audiance

Speech to the Second Congress of Kombo Sillah  Association United Kingdom,

                                           St Nicholas Primary School, Bristol

                                                              27th May 2006


                                                   Topic:   THE RULE OF LAW

                                                   By: Lamin J. Darbo, Doctor of Jurisprudence

Mr President, Executive Committee members, the general membership of Kombo Sillah Association–United Kingdom (“KSA-UK”), distinguished guests, gentlemen and ladies. I am humbled by the honour and privilege of returning to Bristol at the behest of KSA-UK as one of its speakers this 27th day of May 2006.


Exactly two years ago today, European Dabananians, their friends, and well wishers, gathered in the Easton Community Centre to appraise and celebrate the widely acknowledged vision that goes by the name KSA-UK.


That first Congress, in this foremost city of the West of England, this informal capital of Dabanani in the British Isles, was a memorable and distinguished gathering with attendees from as far afield as one of the lands of the midnight sun. For Congress 2, the Swedish contingent tripled, and spectacular further success is recorded with Finnish and Gambian representation.


I am referring – gentlemen and ladies – to our distinguished and celebrated Dabananians in the persons of Jainaba Bah Jallow, Mamakaddy Bajo Coma, Bob Touray, Omar Chaw Touray, Fatou Touray. Yes you are right, and no I’m not hallucinating. I indeed confirmed from the President that non-negotiable exigencies have kept Jainaba away. As her commitment to be here with us was never in question, and if only in spirit, I’m happy to acknowledge her presence in this audience. If it makes anyone feel better, you have permission to double your eyes on MBC.

Mr Chairman, Ladies and  Gentlemen:Good Evening, 

the topic I am to speak on

is the Role of Women in



Mr. Chairman,                        Distinguished

guests the general                   membership

of the Kombo Sillah                 Association,

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening.....

Importance of education

& Significance of                      Knowledge.  

Good afternoon


ladies and gentlemen,           members of the high

table, honourable invitees

and most noble members

of The KSA. I feel deeply

honoured and privileged

to be associated and to

partake in the formal

launching of the famous

Kombo Sillah Association


Paper by Malang Darboe            KSA Sec.General

Paper by Dr. Sabarr


Sppech by Mamakaddy

                  Bajo Coma

Paper by Dr. Yankuba


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Participants at the 2006 KSA Congress in Bristol, UK