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Sommer School Report

The Summer School Project at the Gunjur Upper Basic IN THE YEAR 2003.


The year 2003 registered a total number of 295 students.  This compared to the year 2002, shows an increase of 45 students- an 18% increase over the last year. 272 students registered for the junior secondary level and 23 students registered for the secondary stage.  The gender ratio between boys and girls has been so close with girls scoring a slight increase in attendance.  In all, 137 boys and 163 girls attended the program.  The attendance register was kept and constantly monitored for student punctuality.


Teachers:  Ten (10) teachers actively participated in this year 2003, program.  All the teachers that have participated are well qualified with extensive experience in their disciplines.  The teachers have participated voluntarily, however, the Kombo Sillah Association in U.K and the Kambeng Kafo-Sweden and local donors, have as usual pledged their support.


The following are the name of teachers that took part and the subject and grade they taught.


 NAMES                  SUBJECTS                  GRADES


Mr. Seedy Kunta            Mathematics             8 & 9

Mr. Alhagie Jammeh            English Language             7 & 8

Mr. Bakary J.J Bojang            Social Studies             7 & 8

Mr. Sheriffo Barrow     Agric. Science                   7 & 8

Mr. Sedia Touray            G. Science & Maths       7 Only

Mr. Musa Ceesay            General Science             8 &9

Mr. Ebrima Jammeh                       Maths/Science             Seniors

Mr. Ousman Barrow            Agric/Social Studies            9 & Seniors

Mr. Lamin Touray                   English                          9 Only

Mr. Abdou Sarr Janneh            Government             9 & Seniors


Teacher assistants: Lamin Jatta and Alieu Jabang

Subjects:  These are the subjects that were given high priority and are in line with government recognised syllabus.


Challenges:  We intend to arrange for other subjects like Economics, Biology, Business, etc next year with proficient teachers in those areas.

ASSISTANCE:  There has never been any fixed sponsor for the program.  Funds were locally raised until in past two years 2002 and 2003, when pledges were fulfilled by the Kombo Sillah Association of Gunjurians in the UK (in 2002 and 2003) and Kambeng Kafoo –Sweden in 2003.  This beside local funds raised, a total amount of D6,130.00 was spent from the funds sent.  This was facilitated by Mr. Buba Jammeh (Standard Chartered Bank Gambia ltd), Mr. Ahmed Bojang (Central Bank of the Gambia) and Mr. Buba Soto Touray (Gambia Civil Aviation) who act as signatories to such development funds account.  

However, assistance was also received from local association, and individuals such as the Gunjur Fisheries Association, the ex-chief of Kombo South – Sheriff Ajay Janneh, Kebba K. Barrow (K.K.B), Manlafi Jammeh, Amadou Drammeh and Janko Bojang.  This totalled to D725.00

IMPACT:   Quoting from the main objectives of the program as offering equal service delivery, some amount of success was registered.  The overall student performance has increased as compared to the previous years, and most importantly a keep competitive environment has been created as result of prices awarded to best students at the end of each every session.  


Below are the prize awarded to the outstanding students in the year 2003:


NAME                           GRADE POSITION                                    NAME                         GRADE                                   POSITION


Bubacarr Sumareh           7 A 1st                                                Abdoulie Touray                 8B                                             1ST

Bunna Jatta                  7 A 2nd                                               Musa Sowe                         8B                                             2ND

Pa Modou Trawalley     7A 3rd                                                Alieu Suso                          8B                                             3RD    

Ma Binta Darbo                  7B 1st                                                Madline Jatta                      9A                                              1ST                                                                                                              

Mariama O. Janneh     7B 2nd                                               Fatou Bojang                     9A                                              2ND  

Lamin L. Gibba                   7B 3rd                                                Mariama Jatta                    9A                                              3RD    

Ramatoulie B. Jammeh      8A 1st                                                Fatou A Bojang                   9B                                              1ST                

Adama O. Touray             8A 2nd                                               Amadou L bojang              9B                                              2ND                                                      

Abdoulie O. Touray             8A             3rd                                                Lamin L Touray                  9B                                              3RD


Unfortunately, there has been no debate competition this year 2003.  This was due to limited time and human resource constraints.  The money allocated for the debate – D250 for the winner, was instead spent on other expenditures.


Conclusions:  On a final note, I wish to extend my most singular appreciation on behalf of the organisers and teachers to the Kombo Sillah Association and the Kambeng Kafo without whom this year’s session would not have been possible.


Special thank goes to Ahmed S.B Bojang of the Central Bank of the Gambia, Buba Star Janneh of the Standard Bank, and all that have contributed in one way or the other, to the successful conduct of this years session.  We are saying – ALABARAKA BAKE.


By Ahmed B. Bojang