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Kombo Sillah Association is a UK based Registered Charity that has been founded by Gambians and friends of The Gambia resident in the United Kingdom (UK) with a view to promoting education, and relieving poverty. In the UK, this involves cultural education targeted at the objective of advancing and cementing social cohesion and community integration.


The Charity's objects (the Objects) are:


a) The prevention  or relief of  poverty  in the United Kingdom,  in particular but not exclusively  for people from The Gambia or West African  Countries,  by providing grants, items and services  to individuals in need and/or charities,  or other organizations working to prevent or relieve poverty.


b) To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people in Bristol and other areas of the United Kingdom, in particular (but not exclusively) those from the Gambian community, who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed to relieve the needs of such people and assist them to integrate into society, in particular by:


• providing advice and information on the legal framework in which they will be living in the UK, including (but not exclusively) child protection issues and the law on female genital mutilation


• providing social and recreational facilities and events involving local communities


• providing a local network group that encourages and enables members of the Gambian community to participate more effectively with the wider community;


• increasing, or coordinating, opportunities for members of the Gambian community to engage with service providers,  to enable those providers  to adapt services  to better meet the needs of that community.


c)   The relief of poverty and need for people in The Gambia by providing financial relief


d)   To advance education for public benefit"

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Promoting social cohesion and community integration

Kombo Sillah Association UK, is a Registered Charity in England and Wales. Our charitable association is dedicated to helping our members integrate well in the communities we operate in through cultural education targeted at objective of advancing and cementing social cohesion and community integration . With the dedication of our volunteer Trustees, general members, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of those in need within the community. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change through our community based programs and activities.


Cultural education targeted at the objective of advancing and cementing social cohesion and community integration


  • Women's Drop in sessions

  • FGM & Children's' Safeguarding 

    Awareness Campaigns
  • Summer School Study Project

  • Gunjur Health Centre Maternity Ward Renovation

  • Provision of a Diabetic Testing Machine at Gunjur Health Centre

  • Provision of Drugs to the Gunjur health Centre among others


The Kombo Sillah Association raises funds through member contributions, fund raising ventures, and group or individual donations to initiate and fund our activities and projects. Such fund raising activities include drumming and cultural dances, concerts with Gambian and Senegalese musicians in Bristol and other parts of the UK.  


For the last few years, the association has initiated a number of projects, among them Awareness Campaign on FGM & Children's Safeguarding in and around Bristol, a Summer School Project at the Gunjur Upper Basic, where children from poorer backgrounds were offered free study classes during holidays in preparation for their school leaving certificate examination.


Given the disparity of standard of education in various part of the Gambia, poorer families in the country side cannot afford private classes for their children during holidays which the urban children from affluent homes often enjoy.  As a result average poor family children could only make it out to secondary schools which can hardly prepare them for any meaningful life, or earn them a decent job after graduation.


To help address this imbalance, the association has decided to initiate and support this project to create a platform for these children from poorer background to stand the chance as those from the urban centres in their educational pursuits.


Until recently the association has diversified its sponsorship to the area of health and has helped rehabilitated The Kombo South District Health Centre’s only ambulance which is use to transport sick, from satellite villages to the Health Centre.  It was with the help of the association that Diabetics testing machines became available at the Health Centre. The association has also facilitated the provision of valuable drugs such as pain killers and other useful medicines to the Health Centre.


Donations either by cash or kind will be highly appreciated. Please click here to see how you can donate us.



Awareness Campaign on the dangers of FGM & Children's Safeguarding in the Diaspora

One of our goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in our diaspora communities are safe from the harmful practices of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the Safeguarding of children that a most at risk of the practice of FGM in our communities. With your generous donations/funding and volunteering efforts, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavour to end the practice of FGM. Contact us to learn more.



Fighting Inequality


#Ladies#Drop #In #Sessions

The programme started on Tuesday, May 9th 2017 and the turnout was great!!

There will be food and refreshments at all the sessions and Bus tickets (day savers) will be refunded after each session.

Childcare can be arranged, so please contact Bakary Touray to arrange this. It is worth pointing out again that this is not just going to be about #FGM. Participants will agree on what they want to discuss. This will be a regular session and we want to urge the Bristol folks to make best use of the opportunity. Tuti will be the facilitator and it's a learner-led programme. This could be anything from opening up small businesses to safeguarding and women's health.

KSA will facilitate further training if participants identify interest areas.




Kombo Sillah Association on Saturday 4th November 2017 presented a cheque of D100,000 to Gunjur Health Centre for the expansion and renovation of the maternity ward. The presentation ceremony which was coordinated and facilitated  by Gunjur Development Association (GDA) took place at Gunjur Health Centre attended by National Assembly Member for Kombo South and Majority Leader, Hon. Kebba K Barrow, representative of Alikalo, Chief Lamin S Darboe, Imam Muhammad Lamin Touray, Village elders and residents.



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