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KSA (UK) Trustees, officers and its members sometimes face challenges to provide expert advice on specific social, economic, and cultural issues facing the members and non members across the country. The Trustees find it necessary to create internal working sub committees to assist in the delivering of its aims and objectives.

Therefore, the organisation relies on its committees to develop policies, initiatives and recommendation that will help to move the organisation forward and also to provide the much needed support in resolving issues across all areas of concern within and outside of the association when they occur.

Each committee is chaired by a Head, and committee participation is open to all KSA paid up members. The committees report directly to the elected Trustees. Committees are established on an ongoing and sometimes temporary basis depending on the key needs and policies of the organisation.


List of common Committees:

• Cultural & Fundraising Committee
• Gamo Committee
• Non Executive Advisory Board


The committee may be populated as needed with members coming from across the KSA membership. The Committees report progress to the Trustees at regular intervals during the the life of the committees.

For more information on the committees and how to be involved, please contact the Board Secretary, Mr Lamin Jammeh on:

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