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KSA meets Gambian Ambassador in UK

Kombo Sillah Association UK is profoundly grateful to His Excellency ambassador Francis Blain and staff Bamba Mass, Protocol and Welfare Officer, Alieu Njie and Suntu Touray, Consular Officers for welcoming #Kombo #Sillah #Association to the Gambian embassy in London. We will single out ambassador Blain for his generosity and assure him that Kombo Sillah and his office will work closely together to continue to help Gambians in the UK and at home in The Gambia.

Ambassador Blain invited Kombo Sillah Association at the Gambian Embassy in London to discuss ways of working together as partners in the welfare of Gambians in the UK. KSA is grateful to ambassador Blain for reaching out to us and we promised to work ever closely with his office in the best interest of Gambians in the UK.

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