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KSA 20th Anniversary - Tributes to KSA living legends - Part 1

#KSA: KSA 20th Anniversary - Tributes to KSA living legends

Part 1

As preparations for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the U.K. based Kombo Sillah Association kicks off, members of the association are identifying and writing tributes to members of the association who have given so much to the association and are instrumental in making KSA one of the most successful Gambia. diaspora associations particularly in the U.K.

In the first series of these tributes, KSA Member FaKebba Lee Boy Bojang pays tribute to Lamin Jammeh, a founding member of KSA who served the association as an officer, trustee and IT services provider.

Below we reproduce FaKebba Bojang’s tribute to Lamin Jammeh.

Good early Sunday morning my beautiful KSA family / friends..

I trust that everyone is in good spirit and thankful to The Almighty Allah??

It's almost towards the end of the first month in year 2020, a milestone in the long life and History of our Mighty KSA family , the 20th Anniversary of this noble organisation..

I therefore, urge everyone of you to start the Anniversary Celebrations now rather than just believing or thinking that it's all gonna be cramped together on the 17 & 18 of July 2020.

However, I took the stand by Celebrating our very own living legend in Mr Lamin Petta Jammeh.. Our very own Information, Digital & Social Media star who's untireless, unselfish, unbiased and conscious knowledge in that area have and still transforms KSA into a one of the most popular and established diaspora Gambian organisations.

Mr Jammeh's expert knowledge have seen KSA transformed gradually from the days of just limited to email list groups to the introduction of the Digital Technology and the very newest Social Media Platforms to date respectively.. You only have to type/search in Google and see the sophistication and the beauty of our KSA website and the accuracy of access to and required knowledge or information about the Charity and its all there clearly visible..

My brother in Lamin Jammeh have since owned that stuff and kept KSA at par with the fast moving World of Technology as that was excellent in him.

Mr Jammeh, I am feeling the gratitude and expressing it to the highest form of thoughts by saying Abaraka for your efforts and work over the years and beyond..

"Acknowledging the good that you already have within ourselves is the foundation for all abundance.”

So let's all Celebrate our legends who's untireless contributions have helped KSA stood tall in the pinnacle of all the other successful Associations..

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well"....

Thank you my brother in Mr Lamin Jammeh and May The Almighty Allah increase your knowledge, success and wisdom in your career (Ameen)

FaKebba Lee Boy Bojang

Member, Kombo Sillah Association


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