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It’s here, it will be bigger and better than last year!! Kombo Sillah Association UK is pleased to officially announce the 2019 Cultural & Fundraising Weekend of activities in the city of Bristol.

#When: 26 - 27 July 2019

Cultural events: Malcolm X Centre

#Park and sports activities: EASTVILLE PARK, BS5 6XA

YOU DO NOT want to miss this year’s events as plenty of surprises in store. There will be plenty of activities for both children and adults at the park on Saturday, 27th July. Come along with your kids to connect with their cultural heritage at this years cultural extravaganza. #GUESTS: we have an impressive line-up of specially chosen guests right from Bristol to across the World! Invitations are extended to #EVERYONE as we look forward to another successful event. Part of the proceeds will go towards assisting a selected charitable cause.

Please mark this weekend down on your calendars as you do not want to be anywhere else!!FOR ALL YOUR ASOBI NEEDS, contact the numbers on the poster. The Asobis can be obtained either here in the UK or from Gambia where you may take advantage of cheaper tailoring services.

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